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Books designed for ease of use and understanding - for use by practitioners, students and the general public. Start fresh or brush up on your knowledge - here you will find the NEW Introductory Series, and much more.

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Transgender Behind Prison Walls

NEWTransgender Behind Prison Walls

by Sarah Jane Baker

ISBN 9781909976450

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Price:  14.95

Good Moaning France!

NEWGood Moaning France!: Officer Crabtrees Fronch Phrose Berk

by Arthur Bostrom

ISBN 9781909976597

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Price:  9.95

Trust and Change

NEWTrust and Change: Thinking Points on Therapeutic Communities

by Judy Mackenzie and Rosemary Anthony

ISBN 9781909976580

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Price:  16.50

The Little Book of Insider Dealing

NEWThe Little Book of Insider Dealing

by Gregory J Durston and Mohsin Zaidi

ISBN 9781909976535

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Price:  17.95

Youth Justice and The Youth Court

Youth Justice and The Youth Court: An Introduction

by Mike Watkins and Diane Johnson

ISBN 9781904380535

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Price:  22.95


Psychopaths: An Introduction

by Herschel Prins

ISBN 9781904380924

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Price:  16.50

Mothering Justice

Mothering Justice: Working with Mothers in Criminal and Social Justice Settings

Edited by Lucy Baldwin

ISBN 9781909976238

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Price:  25.00

Serial Killers and the Phenomenon of Serial Murder

Serial Killers and the Phenomenon of Serial Murder: A Student Textbook

by David Wilson, Elizabeth Yardley and Adam Lynes

ISBN 9781909976214

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Price:  25.00

Behind the Lines

Behind the Lines: Creative Writing with Offenders and People at Risk

by Michael Crowley

ISBN 9781904380788

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Price:  25.00

The Little Book of Prison

The Little Book of Prison: A Beginners Guide

by Frankie Owens

ISBN 9781904380832

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Price:  8.99

The Criminal Justice System

The Criminal Justice System: An Introduction

by Bryan Gibson and Paul Cavadino

ISBN 9781904380436

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Price:  21.50

Life Imprisonment

Life Imprisonment: An Unofficial Guide

by Alan Baker

ISBN 9781904380931

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Price:  9.95

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