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Your Honour chosen for the Probation Insights Week Big Read 2019

Your Honour Can I Tell You My Story has been chosen for the Probation Insights Week 2019 Big Read.

"Wow!! I didn’t put it down once I started reading!"

"This is a redemption story. It is a brilliant testament to the fact that labels like ‘criminal’, ‘care-leaver’, ‘drug addict’, ‘offender’ and ‘prisoner’ should not prevent people from being given the opportunity to fully realise their true potential. This is a real person’s life, not a novel. In all its bleakness, it is clear that people matter to people – Andi’s relationship with his family is not straightforward but provides him with a sense of who he was, and who he now is, which is very different to the labels he was given. Andi clearly inspires people and I hope that, by sharing his story, more people will realise they too can choose a different path."

Lynda Marginson CBE
Director - National Probation Service (NE)

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