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The Pain and The Pride book cover

The Pain and The Pride: Life Inside The Colorado Boot Camp Paperback - 31 May 2000

by Brian P Block

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Paperback |  ISBN 9781872870847 |  Published 31 May 2000140 pages | Publisher Waterside Press

Book description

The Pain the Pride is Brian P Block's exclusive fly-on-the wall account of life inside an American Boot Camp to which he was granted privileged access by the authorities in Colorado. It covers every aspect of the regime at Buena Vista, Colorado and contains a comparison based on the experimental regime at Britain's Thorn Cross young offender institution (the so-called British boot camp). The book is both an enjoyable read by a writer well-known in court and criminal justice circles and a highly informative account which will be of interest to people and practitioners across a broad spectrum but particularly to sentencers and people concerned with prisons, imprisonment and youth justice and the treatment of younger prisoners. View gallery from the bootcamp (opens in new window).


'A useful addition to the consideration about which sentences work with young offenders in giving them more skills to lead law abiding lives': The Justices’ Clerk Journal
'The Youth Justice Board has announced its plans for intensive supervision and surveillance programmes, so this is a relevant book that can take them forward with conviction': Larry Wright, Community Care


Brian P Block has a doctorate in pharmacology and has spent over 20 years testing the safety of new medicines. He holds degrees in pharmacy (London), criminal justice (Brunel) and Chinese (Westminster), and is a former Fulbright scholar and a post-doctoral research fellow at Yale University. He is a magistrate and a regular contributor to the national weekly journal Justice of the Peace. His earlier writings include Hanging in the Balance: The Abolition of Capital Punishment in Britain with John Hostettler.

Alternative format ISBNs: PDF ebook ISBN 9781906534547.

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