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The Magistracy at the Crossroads book cover

The Magistracy at the Crossroads Paperback - 7 May 2012

Edited by David Faulkner, assisted by Sally Dickinson. With a Foreword by Lord Dholakia.

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Paperback |  ISBN 9781904380863 |  Published 7 May 2012176 pages | Publisher Waterside Press

Book description

Backed by the Magistrates’ Association and coincides with the 650th anniversary of JPs. Essential reading for criminal justice practitioners, this is a key text at a critical time for government and the courts and is supported by a substantial media campaign. A celebratory volume and collection piece. After 650 years justices of the peace find themselves at a crossroads. This book looks at the role of one of the UK’s oldest institutions in a rapidly changing world. Well-informed, thought-provoking and published at a critical time when government is looking to find ever more efficient and cost-effective ways to deliver justice, this book by leading commentators from the courts, universities, the media and the magistracy itself examines the options for the future.

It looks at economic and other pressures as well as demands for new kinds of community justice and changing ideas about public and voluntary service. It’s sheer breadth, expertise and diversity of views means it will be in demand across the criminal justice system as the best word on the subject. What is the modern-day role of the magistracy and how might it better serve the citizens to whom it ultimately belongs? From an age-old institution as a bastion of democracy to the idea that there should be fresh avenues of engagement and a greater sense of a fairness and transparency, each of the distinguished contributors’ chapters adds to the considerable value of a highly innovative and readable work.


'A most impressive book to help shape the magistracy of the 21st century': John Fassenfelt, Chairman of The Magistrates’ Association
'A highly readable collection and carries some radical ideas about what the magistracy might have to offer in the seventh century of its existence': The London Advocate

Editors and Contributors

David Faulkner is one of the UK’s leading commentators on crime and punishment. Sally Dickinson has worked at the heart of the magistracy for many years. Contributors: Andrew Ashworth, Louis Blom-Cooper, Audrey Damazer, Aubrey Fox, Frances Gibb, Barry Godfrey, Roger Graef, Martin Graham, Kate Green, Heather Hallett, John Hostettler, Rod Morgan, Nicola Padfield, Malcolm Richardson and Howard Riddle.


Lord Dholakia is the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat Peers in the House of Lords. He is a member of the privy council.

Alternative format ISBNs: PDF ebook ISBN 9781908162137.

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