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The Criminal Jury Old and New book cover

The Criminal Jury Old and New: Jury Power from Early Times to the Present Day Paperback - 1 September 2004

by John Hostettler

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Paperback |  ISBN 9781904380115 |  Published 1 September 2004168 pages | Publisher Waterside Press

Book description

A first-rate account of the jury — from its genesis to modern times. The book deals with all the great political and legal landmarks and shows how the jury developed and survived to become a key democratic institution capable of resisting monarchs, governments and interference.

Linking past and present, John Hostettler conveys the unique nature of the jury, and its central role in the administration of justice — but above all its importance as ‘a thing of the people’ and a barrier to manipulation and abuse of power. The Criminal Jury Old and New will be of interest to practitioners, collectors, students, researchers, libraries, colleges and general readers alike.


‘There are very few books written on the jury system… It is a most needed addition to this body of literature’-- Sam Poyser, Canterbury Christchurch University.

‘Recommended to any new law student’-- Internet Law Book Reviews.

‘This book not only addresses the variation in the form and function of the jury, but also provides an insightful analysis of… criminal procedure and the trial system in general’-- Scolag Legal Journal.

‘Not only informative but uplifting’-- Justice of the Peace.


John Hostettler is a solicitor and legal historian whose biographical works included those on Sir Matthew Hale, Sir James Fitzjames Stephen and Lord Halsbury. He has written widely for the legal press and is a regular contributor to Justice of the Peace. His existing books for Waterside Press include Famous Cases and Hanging in the Balance (both with Brian P Block).

Alternative format ISBNs: PDF ebook ISBN 9781906534080.

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