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Restorative Justice in Prisons Toolkit

This selection of tools (PDF Format; 2006) can be used to develop Restorative Justice practices in a prison - and to check the quality of the work being undertaken.

The purpose is to provide materials that can be dipped into when required.

Click here: Restorative Justice in Prisons: A Guide to Making it Happen to order the book

The toolkit is organized a follows:


To view these files you will need the free Adobe Reader available from www.Adobe.com

If you have problems view the toolkit, please install the latest version of the Adobe Reader and try again. If you still have problems, please use the Contact Us page to request the files via email.

Get Adobe Reader

ZIP (containing all 13 toolkit PDFs)

File size approximately 1MB - Download the zip

1. Principles, set out in different formats

2. Organisational self-assessment of the quality of restorative work

3. Questions to help map the cultural web at a prison

4. Report on the Restorative Justice in Prisons Project

(by Tim Newell)

click here

5. Guidance on working with crime victims

6. A protocol for working with victims of crime

7. Pamphlet about prisons for victims of crime

8. Questions for assessing the prison’s work with victims

(victims, victim contact officers, staff, prisoners)

click here

9. Things you can do to resolve conflicts

10. Guide to restorative methods of responding to incidents

11. Checkpoints for violence prevention

12. Restorative practices in prisons list

13. Pennsylvania Prison Society Restorative Justice Program

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