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Our prison-related books include introductory titles, practical handbooks for practitioners, prisoners' biographies, prison and punishment history, academic works about the nature and purposes of prison and imprisonment, and titles which seek to further the debate on crime and punishment.

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So You Think You Know Me?

So You Think You Know Me?

by Allan Weaver

ISBN 9781904380450

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Price:  19.50

Restoring Respect For Justice

Restoring Respect For Justice: A Symposium

by Martin Wright

ISBN 9781904380382

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Price:  22.00

All the World's a Cage (A Novel)

All the World's a Cage (A Novel): Dark Days At Steele Road Prison

by Maggie Marshall

ISBN 9781872870830

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Price:  7.99


Because I Have Been Given Much

Because I Have Been Given Much: A Waterside Press Special Edition

by Bob Turney

ISBN 9781904380283

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Price:  16.50

Cell Mates/Soul Mates

Cell Mates/Soul Mates: Stories of Prison Relationships

by Angela Devlin

ISBN 9781872870236

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Price:  21.00

Crime, State and Citizen

Crime, State and Citizen: A Field Full of Folk

by David Faulkner

ISBN 9781904380238

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Price:  22.50

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Criminal Classes

Criminal Classes: Offenders at School

by Angela Devlin

ISBN 9781872870304

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Price:  19.00

Drug Treatment in Prison

Drug Treatment in Prison: An Evaluation of the Rapt Treatment Programme

by Carol Martin and Elaine Player

ISBN 9781872870267

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Price:  13.00

Drugs, Victims and Race

Drugs, Victims and Race: The Politics of Drug Control

by Anita Kulunta-Crumpton

ISBN 9781904380184

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Price:  22.50

The Geese Theatre Handbook

The Geese Theatre Handbook: Drama with Offenders and People at Risk

Edited by Clark Baim, Sally Brookes and Alun Mountford

ISBN 9781872870670

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Price:  28.00

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