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Our prison-related books include introductory titles, practical handbooks for practitioners, prisoners' biographies, prison and punishment history, academic works about the nature and purposes of prison and imprisonment, and titles which seek to further the debate on crime and punishment.

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Alexs Dad Goes to Prison

NEWAlex’s Dad Goes to Prison

by Lorna Brookes and Emily Livsey

ISBN 9781914603143

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Price:  7.99

The Little Book of Prison

The Little Book of Prison: A Beginners Guide

by Frankie Owens

ISBN 9781904380832

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Price:  8.99

Trust and Change

Trust and Change: Thinking Points on Therapeutic Communities

by Judy Mackenzie and Rosemary Anthony

ISBN 9781909976580

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Price:  16.50

Journey to Release

Journey to Release: Counselling in a UK Prison

by Mo Smith and Toni Close

ISBN 9781909976498

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Price:  14.95

Seen & Heard

Seen & Heard: 100 Poems by Parents & Children Affected by Imprisonment

Edited by Lucy Baldwin & Ben Raikes

ISBN 9781909976429

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Price:  14.95


Solitary: Alone We Are Nothing

by Gladys Ambort

ISBN 9781909976610

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Price:  20.00

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