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Prison Writing book cover

Prison Writing: A Collection of Fact, Fiction and Verse Paperback - 31 October 2000

Edited by Julian Broadhead and Laura Kerr

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Paperback |  ISBN 9781872870878 |  Published 31 October 2000192 pages | Edition 1 | Publisher Waterside Press

Book description

As featured in The Guardian, New Law Journal, Prisons Video Magazine and Inside Time. A collection of writings by prisoners and other people connected with prisons, from the United Kingdom and beyond. Prison Writing is now published annually in book form and continues to promote creative writing among prisoners in the UK and beyond. From 2001 there are prizes for the four best contributions as judged by a panel of experts – in addition to the nominal fees paid to all contributors. Everyone whose work is published receives two complimentary copies of the edition of Prison Writing in which it appears. Many prisoners first saw their work in print in Prison Writing. Some went on to be published in national newspapers and magazines and to attract the interest of book publishers. Interviews continue to be a feature of Prison Writing. Interviewees have included Eddie Bunker ('Prison Writing is doing a real good job. Keep up the good work!'), Martin Amis ('Writing depends on the only thing these guys have plenty of: solitude'), Howard Marks, Hugh Collins and Razor Smith.


'A remarkable anthology which will interest everyone concerned with the fate of prisoners and anxious to see their conditions improved': Michael McMullan, Justice of the Peace
'This fascinating and very readable collection of fact, fiction and verse is the fifteenth issue edited and produced by two probation officers from Sheffield. We are fortunate that they have found a new publisher in Waterside Press to continue giving prisoners (and others), an opportunity to do something which all writers crave - find an audience to communicate their feelings and experiences... The contributors give deeply personal insights into the nature of their world and prove that imagination and talent are incapable of being destroyed if people are ready to develop them... This anthology deserves to be read... by everyone who is interested in new writers experimenting with the development of their talent. Each piece is different and compelling': David Underhill, The Magistrate
‘Creative and original . . . a highly entertaining collection’: Inside Time

Alternative format ISBNs: PDF ebook ISBN 9781906534394.

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