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Police Leadership in the 21st Century book cover

Police Leadership in the 21st Century: Philosophy, Doctrine and Developments Paperback - 1 January 2003

Edited by Robert Adlam and Peter Villiers. With a Foreword by John Grieve QPM.

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Paperback |  ISBN 9781872870243 |  Published 1 January 2003246 pages | Publisher Waterside Press

Book description

Contains the 'Golden Rules' of Police Leadership. In Police Leadership in the Twenty-first Century the editors bring together a collection of authoritative and innovative contributions to show that: Leadership is less of a mystery than is often supposed; Much mainstream leadership theory can be adapted to police leadership; The qualities required can be developed by education and training; There are certain ‘Golden Rules’ for police leaders.


Robert Adlam, John Alderson, Ian Blair, Jennifer Brown, Sir Robert Bunyard, Garry Elliott, John Grieve, William C Heffernan, Seumas Miller, Terry Mitchell, Milan Pagon, Mick Palmer, Robert Panzarella, Neil Richards, Roger Scruton, and Peter Villiers.


‘This is an important and timely book, not only because of the depth and breadth of the coverage of the issues but because it addresses the practical challenge of leadership at all levels . . . When the challenges come . . . an understanding of the underpinning principles and conflicting values of policing is vital for organizational survival’: John Grieve QPM (from the Foreword)


Robert Adlam was Reader in the National Police Leadership Faculty at Bramshill and Peter Villiers Head of Human Rights. Through their work at the Police Staff College and beyond, they gained a unique insight into the challenges and demands of police leadership and from the experience and beliefs of an extensive range of experts, including the contributors to this volume. They have been involved in leadership development programmes for senior officers from police forces in the United Kingdom and abroad, including nations seeking to join the European Community. This book is based on that work.

Alternative format ISBNs: PDF ebook ISBN 9781906534370.

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