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All our newest releases and forthcoming titles can be found here. Titles available for pre-order will be priority despatched as soon as we have stock.

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Your Honour Can I Tell You My Story?

NEWYour Honour Can I Tell You My Story?

by Andi Brierley

ISBN 9781909976641

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Price:  19.95

Seen & Heard

NEWSeen & Heard: 100 Poems by Parents & Children Affected by Imprisonment

Edited by Lucy Baldwin & Ben Raikes

ISBN 9781909976429

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Price:  14.95

Crimen Exceptum

NEWCrimen Exceptum: The English Witch Prosecution in Context

by Gregory J Durston

ISBN 9781909976658

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Price:  22.50

Pick Up the Pieces

NEWPick Up the Pieces: A Survivors Story of Life with Ray Wyre

by Charmaine Richardson

ISBN 9781909976634

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Price:  16.50

The Murder of Childhood

NEWThe Murder of Childhood: Inside the Mind of One of Britains Most Notorious Child Murderers

by Ray Wyre and Tim Tate with Charmaine Richardson

ISBN 9781909976627

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Price:  22.50

Trust and Change

NEWTrust and Change: Thinking Points on Therapeutic Communities

by Judy Mackenzie and Rosemary Anthony

ISBN 9781909976580

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Price:  16.50


NEWSolitary: Alone We Are Nothing

by Gladys Ambort

ISBN 9781909976610

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Price:  20.00

Good Moaning France!

NEWGood Moaning France!: Officer Crabtrees Fronch Phrose Berk

by Arthur Bostrom

ISBN 9781909976597

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Price:  9.95

Opening the Doors

NEWOpening the Doors: A Prison Chaplains Life on the Inside

by Paul Gill

ISBN 9781909976603

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Price:  19.95

The Stony Ground

NEWThe Stony Ground: The Remembered Life of Convict James Ruse

by Michael Crowley

ISBN 9781909976573

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Price:  14.99

The Telephone Murder

NEWThe Telephone Murder: The Mysterious Death of Julia Wallace

by Ronald Bartle

ISBN 9781909976566

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Price:  19.95

The Maze Prison

NEWThe Maze Prison: A Hidden Story of Chaos, Anarchy and Politics

by Tom Murtagh OBE

ISBN 9781909976504

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Price:  40.00

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