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Human Rights

Human Rights

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Nipping Crime in the Bud

Nipping Crime in the Bud: How the Philanthropic Quest Was Put Into Law

by Muriel Whitten

ISBN 9781904380658

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Price:  22.95

Transgender Behind Prison Walls

NEWTransgender Behind Prison Walls

by Sarah Jane Baker

ISBN 9781909976450

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Price:  14.95

The Legend of St Yves (colour edition)

NEWThe Legend of St Yves (colour edition): Law, Justice and Mediation

by Bryan Gibson

ISBN 9781909976061

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Price:  9.95


Mercy: A Restorative Philosophy

by David J Cornwell

ISBN 9781909976016

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Price:  12.95

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: Reflections of a Forensic Practitioner (hb)

by Herschel Prins

ISBN 9781904380580

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Price:  19.95

Doing Justice Better

Doing Justice Better: The Politics of Restorative Justice

by David J Cornwell

ISBN 9781904380344

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Price:  22.50

Justice for William

Justice for William: The Story of Wendy Crompton - Mother of a Murdered Son

by Helen Simpson

ISBN 9781904380306

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Price:  15.00


Execution: One Man's Life and Death

by John Mervyn Pugh

ISBN 9781904380160

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Price:  17.50

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