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Gifts for Prisoners or Prison Officers

Gift ideas for prisoners, prison officers and others who spend their life in or around prison and prisoners.

The Little Book of Prison

The Little Book of Prison: A Beginners Guide

by Frankie Owens

ISBN 9781904380832

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Price:  8.99

The Idiot Boy (paperback 2nd edition)

The Idiot Boy (paperback 2nd edition)

by Bob Turney

ISBN 9781909976252

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Price:  14.95

A Good Man Inside

A Good Man Inside: Diary of a White Collar Prisoner

by Will Phillips

ISBN 9781909976078

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Price:  14.95

Street Crhymes

Street Crhymes

by Justin Rollins

ISBN 9781904380993

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Price:  12.95

Life Imprisonment

Life Imprisonment: An Unofficial Guide

by Alan Baker

ISBN 9781904380931

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Price:  9.95

Dear Fiona

Dear Fiona: Letters from a Suspected Soviet Spy

by Fiona Fullerton

ISBN 9781904380856

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Price:  19.95

Prison Patter

Prison Patter: A Dictionary of Prison Slang

by Angela Devlin

ISBN 9781872870410

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Price:  16.50

All the World's a Cage (A Novel)

All the World's a Cage (A Novel): Dark Days At Steele Road Prison

by Maggie Marshall

ISBN 9781872870830

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Price:  7.99


In Place of Rage and Violence

In Place of Rage and Violence: Poems and Stories From Welford Road

Edited by Tim Reeves

ISBN 9781904380146

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Price:  11.50

Inside Art

Inside Art: Crime, Punishment and Creative Energies

by Mary Brown

ISBN 9781872870892

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Price:  17.50

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