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Titles dealing with different aspects of criminology from children to serial killers, the criminal justice system to policy and moves for reform.

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Fine Lines and Distinctions

Fine Lines and Distinctions: Murder, Manslaughter and the Unlawful Taking of Human Life

by Terence Morris and Louis Blom-Cooper

ISBN 9781904380665

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Price:  35.00

Serial Killers and the Phenomenon of Serial Murder

Serial Killers and the Phenomenon of Serial Murder: A Student Textbook

by David Wilson, Elizabeth Yardley and Adam Lynes

ISBN 9781909976214

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Price:  25.00

The English Riots of 2011

The English Riots of 2011: A Summer of Discontent

Edited by Daniel Briggs

ISBN 9781904380887

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Price:  20.00

The Monstering of Myra Hindley

The Monstering of Myra Hindley

by Nina Wilde

ISBN 9781909976344

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Price:  19.95

Whose Criminal Justice?

Whose Criminal Justice?: State or Community?

Edited by Katherine Doolin, John Child, John Raine and Anthony Beech

ISBN 9781904380627

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Price:  25.00

Three False Convictions, Many Lessons

NEWThree False Convictions, Many Lessons: The Psychopathology of Unjust Prosecutions

by David C Anderson and Nigel P Scott

ISBN 9781909976351

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Price:  22.50


Psychopaths: An Introduction

by Herschel Prins

ISBN 9781904380924

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Price:  16.50

Life Imprisonment

Life Imprisonment: An Unofficial Guide

by Alan Baker

ISBN 9781904380931

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Price:  9.95

Looking for Laura

Looking for Laura: Public Criminology and Hot News

by David Wilson

ISBN 9781904380702

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Price:  22.95

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