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Waterside Press is not responsible for the content or quality of external websites. If you think your organisation should be listed here please use our contact form to let us know. From time to time website addresses change, so in order to help us keep them up-to-date please report any broken links.

Government sites

Criminal Justice System (for England and Wales)cjsonline.gov.uk
Scotland's Justice Systemscotland.gov.uk/Topics/Justice
Criminal Justice System (Northern Ireland)cjsni.gov.uk
Ministry of Justicejustice.gov.uk
Home Officehomeoffice.gov.uk
Crown Prosecution Service cps.gov.uk
HM Courts Service hmcourts-service.gov.uk
National Probation Serviceprobation.homeoffice.gov.uk
HM Prison Servicehmprisonservice.gov.uk
Attorney General's Officelslo.gov.uk
Sentencing guidelinessentencing-guidelines.gov.uk
Youth Justice Boardyjb.gov.uk
Judiciary of England and Walesjudiciary.gov.uk
Judicial Studies Boardjsboard.co.uk

Online Journals

CRIMSOC: The Journal of Social Criminologycrimsoc.org

Membership organisations

The Magistrates' Associationmagistrates-association-temp.org.uk
Criminal Justice Alliancecriminaljusticealliance.org
Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)acpo.police.uk
Prison Officers' Associationpoauk.org.uk
British Society of Criminologybritsoccrim.org
Penal Reform Internationalpenalreform.org
The Garrow Societygarrowsociety.org


Restorative Justice Consortiumrestorativejustice.org.uk
The Howard League for Penal Reformhowardleague.org
Prisoners Education Trustprisonerseducation.org.uk
Prisoners' Advice Serviceprisonersadvice.org.uk
Action for Prisoners' Familiesprisonersfamilies.org.uk


Discover Criminal Justicediscovercriminaljustice.com

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