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Censure Without Sanctions book cover

Censure Without Sanctions Paperback - 31 December 1998

by Mandy Richards

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Paperback |  ISBN 9781872870557 |  Published 31 December 1998 pages | Publisher Waterside Press

Book description

A bold and ground-breaking work about crime and punishment which will be of interest to people interested in a positive and constructive approach to law and order.

Mandy Richards became interested in sentencing and the notion of punishment after reading Giles Playfair's critique of The Punitive Obsession, since when she has become actively involved in the work of the Human Rights organisation Amnesty International.

She has a degree in law and is a former prison visitor and probation service volunteer.

Censure Without Sanctions is a ground-breaking analysis of crime and sentencing in which she makes out the case for a system based solely on rehabilitation and in which only offenders who are a danger to society are incarcerated-a system with advantages for all concerned.


o Causes of Crime
o Sentencing Theory and Practice
o Pressures on Sentencing
o A Fresh Approach
o Censure Without Sanctions: Theory Into Practice

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