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Capital Punishment book cover

Capital Punishment: Global Issues and Prospects Paperback - 31 March 1996

by Andrew Rutherford and Peter Hodgkinson

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Paperback |  ISBN 9781872870328 |  Published 31 March 1996288 pages | Publisher Waterside Press

Book description

The second volume in the ground-breaking Criminal Policy Series from Waterside Press - which seeks to address key issues for criminal policy in the United Kingdom and across the world. The work is co-edited by Peter Hodgkinson - who as Director of the Centre for Capital Punishment Studies, University of Westminster - is at the centre of ideas and information on this controversial topic - and series editor Andrew Rutherford. The book includes original chapters by leading authorities on the death penalty in the USA, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, The People's Republic of China, Europe and the United Kingdom, Africa and the Caribbean. It contains a wealth of historical and contemporary information, and deals with the death penalty as an instrument of public policy, international law and human rights, and the politics of abolition versus retention. A special chapter focuses on the involvement of physicians in capital punishment, including lethal injection, the trade in human organs and other considerations for medical ethics. Will be of interest to all people concerned about the continuance of a practice which has been rejected in some countries - but remains a resilient feature of many parts of the world. A global survey with contributions from the leading commentators on this topic worldwide. Capital Punishment is also an ideal companion Hanging in the Balance: A History of the Abolition of Capital Punishment in Britain. Together, these two books provide a wealth of information for lawyers, politicians, researchers, reform groups and members of the public.


'Deserves to be widely read': Law Quarterly Review
'Highly Illuminating': Police Journal
'Will replace many other sources of information': Justice of the Peace
'Of great interest to criminologists': The Criminologist.
'Compelling, sometimes shocking': Law and Justice.
'Fascinating and superbly readable': The Law.

Alternative format ISBNs: PDF ebook ISBN 9781908162601.

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