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All the World's a Cage (A Novel) book cover

All the World's a Cage (A Novel): Dark Days At Steele Road Prison Paperback - 1 June 2000

by Maggie Marshall


Price:  7.99

Paperback |  ISBN 9781872870830 |  Published 1 June 2000150 pages | Publisher Waterside Press

Book description

A NOVEL: The action of All the World's a Cage is based in and around Steele Road Women's Prison and the lives of the people who are held there and who work there. The book's authentic background, based on Maggie Marshall's direct personal experiences, makes it compelling reading. Maggie Marshall has weaved an imaginative spell over day-to-day events, so that the escalating tension and very serious outcome are as believable and convincing as if they had occurred in real life. She comments 'Many people, not just prisoners, find themselves "locked in" by situations, relationships and emotions - or driving forces such as obsession, jealousy and blind ambition'. This was the underlying inspiration for 'All the World's a Cage' which, we believe, is set to become a classic in the annals of prison literature.


'Maggie Marshall, a former prison governor, has written a novel which sheds much light on (imprisonment), illuminating from time to time, the passionate sex lives of governors of women’s prisons. We should be grateful that they have sex, at least, to cheer them up. Life in The Dark Days of Steele Road sounds deeply depressing . . . Do read this book . . . and thank your lucky stars that, however unpleasant your job, you’re not running Steele Road Prison': Sir John Mortimer, Howard League Magazine
'Maggie Marshall’s experiences give an authentic feel to the book . . . it is a good read and the reader has a few hours of excapism from reality':The Justices’ Clerk Journal


In real life Maggie Marshall is a serving prison governor and her work is popular with prisoners as well as other people connected with prisons and imprisonment and general readers. 'All The World's A Cage' follows on from her successful first novel 'No Going Back' (Minerva Press) and this second book features some of the dregs of the Prison Service and truly dark days at Steele Road Prison - making 'Bad Girls' and 'Prisoner Cell Block H' look like genteel house parties!

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