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All Titles A-Z

All Titles A-Z

Alphabetical list of Waterside Press titles currently in print.
(N.B. Some additional titles which are only of interest for historical perspective appear in the Backlist.)

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Dear Fiona

Dear Fiona: Letters from a Suspected Soviet Spy

by Fiona Fullerton

ISBN 9781904380856

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Price:  19.95

Delusions of Innocence

NEWDelusions of Innocence: The Tragic Case of Stefan Kiszko

by Michael OConnell

ISBN 9781909976467

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Price:  22.50

Doing Justice Better

Doing Justice Better: The Politics of Restorative Justice

by David J Cornwell

ISBN 9781904380344

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Price:  22.50

Drug Treatment in Prison

Drug Treatment in Prison: An Evaluation of the Rapt Treatment Programme

by Carol Martin and Elaine Player

ISBN 9781872870267

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Price:  13.00

Drugs, Trafficking and Criminal Policy

Drugs, Trafficking and Criminal Policy: The Scapegoat Strategy

by Penny Green

ISBN 9781872870335

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Price:  21.00

Drugs, Victims and Race

Drugs, Victims and Race: The Politics of Drug Control

by Anita Kulunta-Crumpton

ISBN 9781904380184

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Price:  22.50

The English Riots of 2011

The English Riots of 2011: A Summer of Discontent

Edited by Daniel Briggs

ISBN 9781904380887

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Price:  20.00


Execution: One Man's Life and Death

by John Mervyn Pugh

ISBN 9781904380160

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Price:  17.50

Famous Cases

Famous Cases: Nine Trials that Changed the Law

by Brian P Block and John Hostettler

ISBN 9781872870342

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Price:  15.00

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